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Testimonials From Some Guests Of Blue Cave Castle
World Famous Blue Cave Castle Seaside Hotel

"Blue Cave Castle is our home away from home"
russrimm      Cypress, Texas
Nov 4, 2010

This is our 6th visit to Blue Cave Castle and we will probably never stay anywhere else! We tried another place up the road once but wanted to come back to Blue Cave Castle as quickly as possible. All the staff is super friendly and nice, there's a restaurant on site (Teddy is a GREAT cook), it's safe, and free coffee in the mornings to boot! What a great place to stay when in Negril, we would not have it any other way!!! Can't wait to come back for trip #7!!!

"A Beautiful Escape"
bressler5      Utah
Oct 13, 2010

View from room We stayed at BCC from September 5th through the 16th. Although we usually stay different places every time we go to Negril, I will definitely be staying here again!! The staff is absolutely wonderful and, if you need anything, all you have to do is ask. If you don't want to venture out to get food, the chef on the property, Teddy, makes some amazing meals. Eating there is definitely a must. There's a quiet, laid-back vibe there that is great. The only problem we had was that our A/C didn't work the first night because someone had reset the code on the remote. That was quickly addressed the next morning by Petrona and we had no other issues with it. Our stay was exactly what we needed and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone . You can't beat the price, and you get top notch service as well."

"Budget hotel with Luxury Feel"
DocFarrell      Dublin
Aug 30, 2010

It's been almost a year since I stayed in the Blue Cave Castle and as I'm searching around Tripadvisor for my next adventure I thought that I ought to share some advice with fellow trippers on the hotel and Jamaica in general. Firstly Jamaica is a poor country filled with beautiful people. Many Jamaicans work for very little but usually have a great big smile for courteous travellers. Of course whereever you have rich tourists you will also have rip off merchants, drugs and prostitution. Negril is definitely no exception. Negril village itself in fact is quite dangerous at night and best avoided. Having said that many of the gange dealers and hookers are friendly and chilled out and accept a clear 'no' quickly. We went in the rainy season when there aren't as many visitors to 7 mile beach which means that we had plenty of spliff sellers targeting us. Anyway, about the hotel. The Blue Cave Castle is run by a New York lady who takes no nonsense from anybody but treat her respectfully and she will help you out anyway she can. Her lady manager is a delight. The hotel has 24 hour security and its own private chef, a yellow eyed young man who knows how to cook a lobster! I only meant to stay a few days but ended up staying more than a week. I think I payed 80 dollars a night, a great bargain! My room had air con which is essential in the tropics, plus a great shower, cable tv and wooden shutters on the windows. Of course the selling point of the Blue Cave Castle is that its literally built over small caves that you can swim into when there's no swell. We pretty much had the hotel to ourselves and each evening at half five I would sit out in the large gardens, light up a Jamaican cigar and watch the fantastic sunsets, which ended promptly at 6.10 with sudden darkness. The cicadas kick in for half an hour then before going to bed. Perhaps because it was the rainy season but we had no problems with noisy guests or strange happenings. I should mention that the hotel is a half a mile from 7 mile beach , on the cliffs part of Negril. There's a great little internet shop a few hundred yards away run a young black american with big muscles who also sells great ice cream! And there's a supermarket in Negril which sells plenty of beers and toiletries and all the other things I usually need. The Blue Cave also sells beers and coffees when the chef is around! I went scuba diving in a hotel two hundred yards further up the beach run by Germans, I'm sure you can just google the name. Also I went snorkelling far out on the reef by just hitching a lift on a water taxi passing by. Jamaica is a fantastic place but you have to show some common sense. There's a strong gun and macho culture among the young men and if you have knees as white as mine its best to stay away from the more dangerous places. However every taxi we got was driven by a great guy, all the girls in the shops and restaurants were always smiling and even the hookers and drug dealers were chilled out! Just don't flash hundred dollar bills around places you don't know. My memory of the place only sweetens with time.

“Blue Cave Castle is the real deal"
Asheville_NCRobby77      Asheville, NC
Apr 7, 2010

7 mile beach just a 3 miute cab ride away. Swimming and snorkeling at blue cave castle More photos My wife and I spent seven nights in the upper tower room. The constant breeze blowing in from the sea was pleasant and made up for not having an air conditioner. The grounds and gardens were very neat and well maintained. The snorkeling was good enough that we never paid to go out to the coral reef by boat. I would recomend that people snorkel early in the morning when the fish are more active. The free coffee and Teddy's food at the inn were mind-blowing. It was great having the option to dine there or walk to one of the many local restaurants. "Stacy" the waitress at the inn had one of the most pleasant personalitys of anyone ive ever met! They were other people staying at the inn that had been coming back there time and time again over the years and even decades. Petrona, the manager was very accommodating and took care of all of our needs. The security guards were all great and they always seemed to be on top of their game. There was also a shepard security dog that kept her eye on everything. Housekeeping also did an amazing job, our room was always clean and had fresh linens and towels. If a little ganja smoke offends you and your not looking for the "real" Jamaican experience than maybe the Inn is not for you. You would be better suited at an all inclusive. But if are looking to interact some with the local people and sample the more authentic food of the island I highly recomend the Blue Cave Castle.

"Petrona and Blue Cave are Fantastic"

returned from six nights at the castle. great place . food good at Teddy's and the swimming /snorkling fantastic when the water part though is still Petrona one of the sweetest people we have met anywhere.

"Fantastic Location if you don't want "all inclusive"
LowerMarchBoy      Ottawa Canada
Feb 9, 2010

We had a fantastic vacation at the Blue Cave Castle hotel, we booked at the last minute and took room 12, the only room available. It was ok, but we were ecstatic when we moved to ocien view room 11 mid week. The security and maid service is great, as is the restaurant. There is good snorkeling from the cliffs, ir you can take Vincent and go to the reef, There are many good eating pkaces outside the hotel, we recommend "Just Natural" for Breakfast, 3 Dives for Jerk Chickenm and bentleys for Crab. Check out the various YouTubes, we put 4 videos including one that shows rooms and grounds.

"Home sweet home, baby"
AmericanExplorer8500      Ohio
Feb 6, 2010

From day one all the staff at Blue Cave really took that extra step to make sure everything was great. My room was clean and functioning. The castle decor and architecture is so fun you feel like a little child again. Security was great, we always felt safe. Everyday the ladies came and freshened up the room and linens. Nice job. The location was great for going the beach (4min cab ride) or swimming from the cliffs. Close to shopping and local vendors. Very peaceful and quiet at night. Coffee and tea in the morning was great. We used their restaurant for breakfast and dinner each day and never had one bad item come out of that kitchen. All good. Plus the sweetest waitress you could ever have. They will wait on you right on your own porch. Management will help you reserve activities. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I cannot even think of anything bad to report.

"Once again a winner"
hungryj,      Pittsburgh
Feb 6, 2007

We just came back from our sixth trip to Blue Cave and it continues to enchant us. I won't repeat all the raves other reviewers have posted although I agree completely. The weather is awesome, the restaurants, bars, and Tony's jerk chicken are all close and excellent. Just Natural's Jamaican breakfast is great and Erica's for lobster is out of this world. I have read some reviews written within the last several months which refer to visits more than two years ago. The two guys they spoke of are not there and Petrona who manages the hotel for Susan, the owner, is absolutely wonderful. Susan is also around and very available to her guests. The staff have all been there for a long time and are very committed to making each guest comfortable. The cab driver they got us , for our airport transfers, Troy , was great, very interesting to talk to. We've already reserved for next year. This is a place that has been consistently top notch and a joy to return to.

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