Right on the Edge of the Cliffs above old Pirate Caves, 30 feet (10 meters) from the Caribbean Sea, sits the FIFTEEN (15) WELL APPOINTED ROOMS of the Beautiful, Mystical, and Magical

Lighthouse Road,

Negril, Westmoreland

Jamaica West Indies
Tel. /Fax (876) 957-4845

Room Rates
  May 1 - Dec 15
  Effective May 1 - Dec 15
  Dec 16 - April 30
  Effective Dec 16 - April 30

(4) Deluxe Rooms (Rooms #1-2-3-4)
  $ 60   $125

(2) Tower Rooms (Rooms #5-6)
  $ 50   $100

(1) Penthouse Apartment
  $120   $195

(7) Superior Rooms with A/C & CABLE TV
     (Rooms #7-8-9-10-11-12-14)  
  $ 90   $145


All rooms require a 8.25% Service Charge and 10% General Consumption Tax.

Minimum Reservation 3 Nights Required

Reservations Phone (876) 957- 4845    10AM—5PM
Secure ON-LINE RESERVATIONS SITE @ http://www.bluecavecastle.com
E-Mail: info@bluecavecastle.com


A $100 U.S Deposit is required to hold Room Reservations
We accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover



Our six (6) SUPERIOR Rooms are as fabulous as the large deluxe rooms and have air-conditioners.

Superior Rooms

Built above an Old Pirates Cave and set 35 feet away from the Sea, Superior rooms descend on
tiled walkways to a spacious, landscaped, seafront lawn.


Protected by stone Sea Walls, with ample dining and cushioned sunning and lounging furniture.


Accompanied by Spectacular World Famous Sunset Views.


While not as close to the Sea, as Castle Rooms, which rise from the Cliffs’ Edge, all Superior Rooms have Air-Conditioning, Cable TV, Handmade Persian and Turkish Carpets.

The walls are adorned with works of Art by Bobby Ash, voted “International Wood Carver of the Year” several years running.


Superior Room #7

Sea front Superior Room #7 is branded the Egyptian Room, for its Artwork, Two (2) Double Arched Windows, depictive Drapes and Bedspreads.

Even the decorative, over-stuffed Extra pillows on the 1 Queen Size and 2 Single Beds have a Roman motif, in Royal Blue and Gold contrasting the mahogany clothes closet, desks, shelves, and hand crafted doors and windows.


The Private open-air balcony has several Sea and garden views, and is set behind turreted castle walls.
A Stone table, 3 benches and a lounge bed provide a private Sea Front setting with Majestic Views.

Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7
Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7 Room 7


Superior Room #8

One flight of steps above the Egyptian Room is Superior Room #8, the only Superior Room on the Second floor. This room has exquisite gold marble tiles and a matching remodelled bathroom.

The plush, airy, light room has 1 Queen and 1 Single Bed, with a priceless antique Turkish Carpet hanging behind the large bed.

Sliding glass doors lead onto a small private balcony with a Commanding View of the Castle Grounds
and Caribbean Sea.


Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8
Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8 Room 8


Superior #9

Sea front Superior #9 is built above the 20-foot mouth to the Blue Cave.

This stone room has gorgeous large tiles to match the incredible sunsets.

Beautiful carpets and antique paintings adorn the walls. This room has 1 Queen and 1 Single bed, ensuite mahogany, handmade–table & chairs, plush bedspreads, extra pillows, thick drapes and a fully tiled bathroom with Exquisite porcelain fixtures.

The Sea-front balcony exhibits many outstanding Native Wood Carvings by Bobby Ash.

This room is closest to the complimentary High Mountain Coffee/Herbal Tea Hut.



Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9
Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9 Room 9


Superior Room #10

Superior Room #10 has a direct Sunset view, no matter how the sun passes across the horizon.

This centerstage Sea-front room is built directly over the Entrance into the Blue Cave.

This Sea-front room has 1 Queen and 1 Single bed and has cross Ventilation from its North and South Entrances.

The Exquisite tiles makes you feel you are walking on water and leads out to an Enchanting Balcony adorned with intense Wood Carvings, and Mahogany table and chairs handcrafted by local artisans.


Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10
Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10 Room 10


Superior Room #11

Superior Room #11 is a Grand Sized Sea-Front Room built above the Cave’s Entrance.

Enhancing this room’s stone beauty are 2 Rare Persian Carpets, Unique Art Work and a Beautifully framed original artwork of this rooms balcony and beyond, executed by contemporary
American Artist Chrisanne Robertson.

This spacious room has 1 Queen, 1 Double and 1 Single bed, a large newly tiled bathroom and shower with new porcelain features.

This very popular room has Hand–Crafted Mahogany Double Doors opening onto a large tiled balcony overlooking magnificent views of the Cave, Sea, passing boats, Romantic Sunsets and an alluring view to the beach and horizon.


Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11
Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11 Room 11


Superior Room #12,

Close to the Castle’s Entrance and about 50 feet (16 meters) from the Sea Wall at the End of the Cliffs’ edge is Superior Room #12, with a Garden and Waterfall view to the West,
from 2 large double Arched Windows.

This large, light, well-decorated, airy room has 1 Queen and 2 Single beds.

The large sunlit bathroom has a colossal Sunken Stone tub.


Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12
Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12 Room 12


Superior Room #14

Still closer to the main Entrance is the lavishly decorated Superior Room #14.

Large and Well Appointed, this room has a stunning Antique Wall Hanging from the Golden Triangle of Burma, Thailand and Laos, Wood Carvings by Bobby Ash and Framed Embroidered Artworks.

This room has a wrap-around Desk/Work Table, 1 Plush Double bed and 1 Queen Size bed
with Extra Pillows.

Step up into a sunlit bathroom facing East.

The Bedroom has windows facing North, South and East.

A Patio with Stone Tables and Benches outside the East Doorway completes this suite.



Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14
Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14 Room 14


All rooms are renovated twice yearly and come equipped with a ceiling fan, refrigerator and private bathroom.






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