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CONTEXT   on this site is believed to be from Unknown Authors, except where noted. I claim NO rights to the text on any pages. Copyrights of all authors are listed where known, and permission has been obtained where possible. Many of my text pages have been in my possession for a number of years, receiving them at workshops, on-line, and various newsletters, as well as from friends. Others have been shared with me by e-mail. If I have used any copyrighted material and you are the author, please  CONTACT ME  and I will either remove it, or provide proper credits. I firmly believe in giving credit where it is rightfully due.

GRAPHICS   used have been credited with a link to the original artist. Most of the graphics used have been created by me using graphics from CD's, scanned documents, free graphic sites, purchased royalty-free images, and original photographs provided by viewers. My original creations are stated on each page. Thank You

MUSIC   on this site has been obtained from various midi sites throughout the net, as well as originals provided to me by viewers. Credits, where known, have been listed with each song. I claim NO rights to any of the music.
If you have any questions concerning the above,
Please feel free to   CONTACT ME.

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